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Quizlet is an interactive online memorization tool. This great site allows people to create flash cards or browse their expansive list of pre-made vocabulary cards. Students can practice their vocabulary in an interactive way that is much more fun than regular flash cards.

Quizlet Quick Links

Quizlet Ideas and Examples

Note Taking Graphic Organizer

Quizlet Assessment:

  • Create a term set on Quizlet, then post a link to your personal wiki page.

Expert Tasks

  1. Become familiar with tool
    • Do you need an account for this tool?
    • Complete Graphic Organizer

  2. How will you summarize what you have learned so you can preview this tool in 5 mins to your group?
        • How do you create an assessment using this tool?
        • How do you distribute the assessment to students?
        • How can use the data formatively?

  3. Create your Poll Everywhere Assessment and post to your Participant Wikispace.