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Poll Everywhere is a free (or pay, depending on your need), live audience polling software that uses text messaging, twitter, or the web to survey your audience. You can embed your poll into a PowerPoint or online, and you can choose if your audience sees the results or not.

Poll Everywhere Quick Links**

Poll Everywhere Uses

  • Use Poll Everywhere to check for understanding. Create a pre-test for students to fill out so that you know what concepts they need improvement on.
  • Use it to receive feedback on a presentation or a concept that you taught.
  • Have students respond to questions that you are asking during class. Begin a discussion based on the answers and opinions you receive.
  • You can substitute Poll Everywhere polls for many of the typical 'clicker' lessons you may have already built.

Graphic Organizer for Note Taking

Take the sample poll by clicking on the link below. Watch the live update results as you do.

Features to Check out!

Expert Tasks

  1. Become familiar with tool
    • Do you need an account for this tool?
    • Complete Graphic Organizer

  2. How will you summarize what you have learned so you can preview this tool in 5 mins to your group?
        • How do you create an assessment using this tool?
        • How do you distribute the assessment to students?
        • How can use the data formatively?

  3. Create your Poll Everywhere Assessment and post to your Participant Wikispace.

Poll Everywhere Assessment / Sample Assessment