........EQ: How is project based learning organized?

We will: Explore various online resources to host/organize materials for student access and develop a wiki/webpage for the project. In addition, we will learn how to present resources and information for students to be more independent learners. (2:15)

A project based learning experience can be compared to a webquest in many ways. A project based learning experience involves collaborative learning where students take responsibility for their own learning as they work together toward a goal with a real world connection. A project based learning experience will include access to technology during the process and may include technology as part of the culminating project.

Assessment FOR learning in project based learning will occur during the learning as feedback and benchmarks. In addition, an assessment OF learning will take place at the culminating project (that is publicly shared) and/or other summative assessment.

• Create Excitement • Present a Challenge • Share Expectations • Provide Resources • Let Them Go • Check In •

Websites to Organize and Embellish

Now that you have an idea, a driving question and a scope for your project, it is time to gather resources and organize the materials in a central location. Making resources available to students in an organized way will help them work through a project.

Useful Tools

In addition to text based directions and links to external websites, consider adding audio prompts and custom searches to guide the learners toward the answer to your driving question.



Complete The Important Thing organizer to share what is important about the organization of a project based learning experience. How do you feel about the site and tools you have chosen? How will the organization of your project help students be more successful?

AP#4: How is project based learning organized?