..........EQ: How is project based learning assessed?

We will: Explain the procedures and purpose of assessment in project based learning.

Students who have the opportunity to discuss, analyze, and reflect on their learning experiences are more likely to retain and use their knowledge and skills. ~ (BIE PBL Handbook, p. 101)


Read Edutopia's Classroom Guide: Top Ten Tips for Assessing Project-Based Learning

Planning Resources

Where to start?

Things to Consider

  • Be clear on achievement targets
  • Articulate to students (their terms)
  • Study how to assess the targets
  • Use assessment to build confidence and encourage students by providing descriptive feedback. (not judgmental)
  • Require self reflection and self assessment
  • Communicate clearly


Classroom Assessment

Use Checkpoints and Milestones

~(BIE PBL Handbook, p. 100)
  • Ask individuals or group leaders to give informal briefings on progress
  • Assign quick writes to groups or class
  • Interview random or selected students
  • Survey individuals or groups
  • Schedule weekly reflection sessions
  • Review student or class checklists of completed project steps
  • Examine progress logs completed by individual students or groups
  • "Sit in" with groups to monitor progress
  • Self Evaluation

Rubric Makers

AP#5: How is project based learning assessed? Share your completed rubric. Does it assess what the students have done or what they have learned? Work to incorporate this information into your Assessment Rationale from Monday. Click here to upload your rubric.