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Google Forms allow you to create, administer, and analyze a form. SWSD has partnered with Google to provide "Southwesternsd.org" - our Educational Google Apps account.

All SWSD employees and secondary students have Google Apps accounts (Mail, Docs, Sites). You log in with you normal SWSD username and password. Here is more information about SW Google Apps from your Plug Into Learning Tech Coach web site.

Google Forms are developed within Google Docs. Specifically, they are tied to a Google Spreadsheet - when you create a new form, you will see a spreadsheet that is used to collect that form data appear in your Google Docs file list.

Google Forms Quick Links

Graphic Organizer for Notetaking

Google Form Pluses and Minuses

  • PLUS - easy to create
  • PLUS - flexible question types and allows for advanced forms with many pages, feedback, etc.
  • PLUS - templates to make your forms look better
  • PLUS - simple summary and data analysis built in
  • PLUS - data captured in spreadsheet that can be downloaded into Excel
  • PLUS - managed by SWSD so students already have accounts and we can control privacy/access

  • MINUS - forms are a PAIN to copy or revise once data is collected in the form.

      • TIP: Create a form, make a copy for each instance when you collect data

  • MINUS - summary web page can be tricky to share with others
  • MINUS - spreadsheet is not as powerful as excel. Often need to download data to really break it down, although this is improving

Expert Tasks

  1. Become familiar with tool
    • Do you need an account for this tool?
    • Complete Graphic Organizer

  2. How will you summarize what you have learned so you can preview this tool in 5 mins to your group?
        • How do you create an assessment using this tool?
        • How do you distribute the assessment to students?
        • How can use the data formatively?

  3. Create your Poll Everywhere Assessment and post to your Participant Wikispace.

Google Form Sample Assessment

Click here to take our google form assessment.

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