Formative Assessment -

Students can use corkboard to answer the question about how the food groups keep you healthy.

Quizlet can be used with vocabulary from the Reading series. Students are able to view flashcards, learn the words, take a test, or play games to practice important vocabulary terms.

Discovery Ed
This plant quiz allows students and teacher to determine what students know about plants. Students may take this practice quiz more than once!
I would check my scores under the My Classrooms tab.

Poll Everywhere
This is a poll that students can take at the beginning of the school year as a part of a "getting to know you" activity. Students will enter their answers on the computer website.

3 done...good descriptions, links work. Great job! Let me know if I can help with anything else. -Bryan

Project Based Assessment -
We created a project based learning activity for fourth grade students. Please follow the link to see the project.

Creating Quality Assessments -

Plant Test.docx
Kelly and I created a new assessment for the Plants unit that was aligned to the KUD and state standards.