Tech Summit 3


Quizlet Flashcards on Math Vocab:

With quizlet I plan to incorporate these flashcards as a small station during reading groups. Not only will these be beneficial in school, but students will also have access to them at home for practice (plus they don't have to create them)!! Students can study the terms, play games, and take practice tests.

Addition Number Line Poll

The poll everywhere tool is going to be beneficial as a whole group assessment on whether or not students have gained an understanding of a topic. I plan to use this poll during a number grid lesson, in which students are supposed to use a number grid to solve an addition number sentence.

Corkboard - Classmate Icebreaker

This corkboard is going to be used as an icebreaker for students. During one of the first few days of school, students are going to write down one adjective to describe themselves. We will then analyze the results on the corkboard and I will use this as a lesson on diversity.

Google Forms: Get to Know Your Classmates

Students will participate in this google form as another classroom icebreaker so we can use these results in combination with the corkboard during a diversity lesson.

Awesome job embedding!! I think that is great for your little students.

Discovery Education

Before or after learning about bicycle safety, students will watch the video about bicycle safety and then complete a quiz on what they've learned from the video. I would check my scores under the "My Classroom Tab."

At least 3 done...good descriptions, links work. Great job! Let me know if I can help with anything else. - Bryan



The evaluations of individual reading skills for first grade are based on teacher observation. I created this checklist for teachers to use while they are working with students during guided reading groups. I incorporated not only the skills that are assessed, but the skills we are also trying to get the students to achieve for their own benefit/preparation for future grade levels.