Creating Quality Assessments - Day 2

Manage Your Anger Assessment

I will use this assessment at the end of my Anger Management group. This would help me realize which students might need to have continued follow-up with the skills taught in the group.

Formative Assessments - Day 3

Poll Everywhere

WEB leader survey - Day 1

I plan to use this during the first day of our WEB leader training. It will allow us as coordinators to ge feedback on how the training is going.


Anger Management Decision Making Model Flash Cards

These flash cards will help the group members learn the stages to the decision making model. They can practice them outside of group and also self-evaluate on their progress.


Lighten Up the Load

This is a classroom lesson that our WEB leaders will use with the 6th graders. The questions are a formative assessment to help the WEB leaders understand the amount of learning from their presentation to the students.

Discovery Ed

Stick to the Good Stuff

This is another classroom lesson that our WEB leaders will use with the 6th graders. The questions are in a short answer format. The WEB leaders could provide feedback to the 6th graders after they take the assessment. To check the results, I would go to MY Classrooms, Assigned by URL.

At least 3 done...great descriptions, links work. Great job! Let me know if I can help with anything else. - Bryan

Project Based Assessment - Day 4

Anger Management Project

This is a collaborative effort with Andrea LaManna and Travis Wildasin. We will use this at the conclusion of an anger management group to assess the students learning of the decision making process when dealing with anger.

The rubric is not shared - just grant me access and then I can review it. Michelle Krill