Tech Summit 3

Project Based Assessment

Here is the link to the site for our How to Make a Bill Into A Law site!

Access & Analyze OUR Data

Creating Quality Assessments

Newly changed Solar System Summative Assessment:

Formative Assessments

At least 3 done...great descriptions, links work. Great job! Let me know if I can help with anything else. - Bryan

Poll Everywhere

This is a great way at the beginning of the year to learn about students and create interest in school and things. It is a great ice breaker activity! View the ones I created so far at:


This is an ABSOLUTELY amazing tool to use especially during guided reading time. The students could work on reading anthology words or spelling words along with math vocabulary time!! I will definitely use this site. I already embedded things to my wikipage. See below


This would be good for students just to respond to a simple question that does not involve a lot of typing (for elementary age students). I was thinking of using it with my Reading Warm Up unit with the students and the 4 reading strategies-- it would help to assess if the understand before moving on to the next strategy.

Discovery Ed

Google Forms

This would be used as a formative assessment used after teaching author's purpose-- it would be in the overall unit of Reading Warm Up. It is helpful because it will help me view all of the data electronically of what the students understand. It will help me view the results from different locations and see all the responses students create.