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Discovery Education is an online media library. Discovery Ed provides clip art, movies, games, audio files, interactives, as well as a robust teacher center and professional educator network. SWSD has been scribing to the "Plus" service for the last few years which provides us with the best, newest, and most comprehensive content.

This great site can be used in many ways for formative assessment such as through creation of a writing prompts or online quiz.

Discovery Ed Quick Links

Graphic Organizer for Notetaking

Discovery Ed Tip Sheets and Ideas

  • Quiz Builder 2010 Q-S-G.pdf
  • Writing Prompt Builder 2011 Q-S-G.pdf
  • DE Help - View student Results.pdf

  • Shari Dusman makes all students accounts for Discovery Ed. They use their normal school username/password.
  • Students can access Discovery Ed at home - they have great math tutorial and math explanation videos to help with MS and HS math homework.
  • Add resources to your quiz so that they can explore content they did not understand right on the spot
  • Discovery has a huge library of content and quiz questions you can pull to create your quiz.
  • Discovery Education has a great DEN, a professional network of teachers who share lesson plans, ideas, etc. You can visit the DEN here: http://community.discoveryeducation.com/

Expert Tasks

  1. Become familiar with tool
    • Do you need an account for this tool?
    • Complete Graphic Organizer

  2. How will you summarize what you have learned so you can preview this tool in 5 mins to your group?
        • How do you create an assessment using this tool?
        • How do you distribute the assessment to students?
        • How can use the data formatively?

  3. Create your Poll Everywhere Assessment and post to your Participant Wikispace.

Discovery Ed Sample Assessment