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Formative Assessments

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I might use this formative assessment now and then when I want a quick snapshot of a basic concept and we are already planned to be in a computer lab.

this would be good to use when you want the students to know what they still need to learn but doesn't give the teacher much feedback

I would use this possibly if they had a reading assignment and if I asked them to talk to the text, they would go to this site to post their notes and then I could have them go in and sort the comments by categories. For example: have them sort by questions that pertain to different literary elements.

I would probably use this type of formative assessment more often when I have several pieces of information (such as types of figurative language) to assess whether they are understanding. To check their results, I would go to MY Classrooms, assigned by URL.

At least 3 done...good descriptions, links work. Great job! Let me know if I can help with anything else. - Bryan

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