Tech Summit 3 - Focus On Assessment

PBL Assessment

Creating Quality Assessments

Formative Assessment

I could use this to see how my students feel about reading. This would give me background information at the beginning of the school year about the class as a whole.

Create your own sms poll at Poll Everywhere

Students can use this to practice their spelling words. This could occur in the classroom or if you link it to your wiki, students can practice at home. Through the space race on the short url, students can see how fast they can type each word for practice.
Other things this could be used for are some of our content areas, flash cards for practicing sight words, addition facts, and I am sure there are TONS more! :o)

I could use this at a station in the room where students can pull and sort nouns from a story they read. This could later be done for adjectives, verbs, etc. Link this to their writing!


Google Forms

I would use this to see my students understanding on parts of a story. This could be altered to focus on parts of speech.