Creating Quality Assessments

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Formative Assessments


Exercise Poll
I would use this a quick pre-assessment to see how much exercise the students get per week. I would be able to compile the information recieved from the quiz and design workouts and activities.


Skill Related Fitness Component Flashcards
Health Related Fitness Component Flashcards
I would use these flashcards as a review activity for the students for Chapter 1. Students can use the flashcards in school or at home since I would link the url's to my website.


Exercise Quiz
I would use this quiz as a quick formative assessment that provides quick and easy feedback to the students. I could even link video to the quiz which would make it more interactive. To check their results, I would go to My Classroom, Assigned by URL.

Google Forms

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Project Based Assessment

Scenerio / Challenge:

You and two partners will be personal fitness instructors at a local health club. You will be given three new clients with very specific needs and your task will be to colloborate, research, and design a 2 week fitness program for each client tailored to their specific needs.


How types of exercises and cardio workouts should be included in a physical fitness routine?


Cardiovascular Endurance
Target Heart Rate
Muscular Strength
Muscular Endurance


In this activity, you will be paired with two other classmates and be assigned three "clients" with very different physical needs and limitations. You will be given a "fact sheet" on each client outlining their age, gender, and othe important personal information. With this information you will work together for one week researching, experimenting, and designing each of the fitness programs. At the end of the first week you will be asked to complete a google forms quiz (formative assessment) to evaluate the status of your project. During the second week of the project you will finalize your fitness programs and begin to present them to the class and fitness professionals.


Fitness activities from a personal trainer.
Great fitness activities from a physical education teacher.