Graduate Requirements
The Tech Summit is being offered for a pass/fail three(3) graduate credit course through Neuman College. The course is called Tech Summit: South Western Instruction for the 21st Century and the course number is EDU 526SW1. Neuman College will provide Act 48 credits for this course and requestion for PDE submission will be shared when available.

Participants are required to attend all five days of the Summit and complete the projects below. All assignment must be completed and submitted onto your wikipage by 12 PM on Monday, June 20th.
  • Quality Assessments: Create one quality assessment.
  • Formative Assessments beyond Ticket-out-the-Door: Create three web 2.0 formative assessments.
  • Project-based Assessments: Create one project-based assessment with corresponding rubric. PBL Assignment Submission
  • Access & Analyze Our Data: Create your own tip sheet and complete data analysis of mock student data

* For transcripts from Neumann College, contact Joel Natale in the registrar's office ( ; 610-558-5635).
* We will process the request for Neumann to post the graduate credits to PDE’s Act 48 site.