Day 1: Opening Day

Day 2: Access and Analyze OUR Data - How to tip cheat:

Day 3: Building Quality Assessments

Day 4: Formative Assessments

Google Docs

Google Doc body parts
Google Docs the 2nd.....
Quiz on body parts.....

The second doc is more elaborated.....I am still working on them. But to be honest, if I use vocabulary google docs is not the best tool. Love this - some tools are great for one purpose, but not as good for another! Thus, I came up with an evaluation google doc:
Google docs, the third.....class evaluation

Quizlet Latin adjectives
German body parts - new

Discovery Education, German school supplies

To check their results, I would to My Classrooms, assigned by link

Poll Everywhere
I like that tool since it gives me a quick snapshot of their prior knowledge. Especially we do have students who already know German. You only need ton find out later who it is......
German knowledge

Summer plans
Before class starts
Class feedback


Introduce yourself in German
Introduce yourself with STATRT button

Wow - you got a ton done!
3 done...good descriptions, links work. Great job! Let me know if I can help with anything else.

Day 5 - PBL

Check out my "cool" PBL assessment:

German Music