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Corkboard.me is a free online shared corkboard. You can use corkboard to collect feedback, post comments, brainstorm ideas about a specific topic, activate or assess prior knowledge.

Corkboard.me Quick Links**

Note Taking Graphic Organizer

Corkboard Features

Click here to view a cork of features!

Corkboard.me - Formative Uses

Expert Tasks

  1. Become familiar with tool
    • Do you need an account for this tool?
    • Complete Graphic Organizer

  2. How will you summarize what you have learned so you can preview this tool in 5 mins to your group?
        • How do you create an assessment using this tool?
        • How do you distribute the assessment to students?
        • How can use the data formatively?

  3. Create your Poll Everywhere Assessment and post to your Participant Wikispace.

Sample Assessment

Click on this "Using Cork for Formative Assessment" and add an interesting way you plan to use cork to formally assess your students.