Word Processing

Grade 7 KUD:

Exercises and Practice: SW Moodle Grade 7 Computer Applications page


Lesson Essential Questions Google Form


Formative Assessments:

Google Forms Link
I will use this form to gadge my students understand on everyday spreadsheet skills.

Poll Everyone
I would you this as an activator in my classroom.

Corkboard Me
I would you this as an activator or summary in my classroom. I feel this resource would be very valuable for students to comment on other student projects

Discovery Education
I would use this to again as an activator or summarizer. If I found any up-to-date computer videos I would have my students watch the video and create a quiz on it.

I would use this resources again as an activator or summarizer. I love the games option. I feel that this would be a great way to review and connect with your students.

At least 3 done...good descriptions, links work. Great job! Let me know if I can help with anything else.

Project Based Learning:

$5 Million Project Directions

Google Presentation Lesson Essential Questions

Microsoft PowerPoint Lesson Essential Question
$5 Million Project Rubric