Accessing & Analyzing OUR Data
There has been an explosive growth of data available to educators, but accessing it and making sense of it can be a quandary. This session will focus on what types of data are available, focus on our own data housed in Performance Tracker and Excel tips and tricks for interpreting that data to make informed instructional decisions.

Activating Strategy: Word Splash

Make a sentence for the words in the "shallow end" (left) and one for those in the "deep end" (right). WordSplash.jpg

Session Assignment: For this session you will need to complete your own 'cheat sheet' graphic organizer where you will add screenshots from Performance Tracker. That will be handed in electronically through the link below at Drop Box. You first need to the Graphic Organizer (see link below) and save it with your name at the beginning of the file name. When you finish working on your handout, save it and upload it to the Drop Box link below.

Drop Box Link


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Using Screenshots in MS 2010

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